Car Rental Honolulu At Hawaii Car Rentals

Car Rental Honolulu At Hawaii Car Rentals

Best of Car Rental Honolulu

Honolulu, the capital of the state of Hawaii, is the gateway to some of the most famous islands and beaches in the US. Popular worldwide, the city is visited by numerous visitors from across the globe. Honolulu is the most urban area, located on Oahu Island. Although life in Honolulu is dynamic and fast-paced, the atmosphere is laid-back and offers something for everyone. For tourists, the best option for getting around the city is to choose a car rental in Honolulu.

Car Rental Honolulu: Best Places to Visit

Renting a vehicle lets you explore the best of that the city has to offer at your own pace. Whether the purpose of your vacation is to get to know the history of the region, stroll through the most beautiful turquoise beaches, or to enjoy water sports and adventurous activities, you can get it all in Honolulu. Here are some of the places that are a must on an enthusiastic traveler’s itinerary:

Waikiki: The place is known for its white sandy beaches that mesmerize sunbathers and are popular with surfers. The numerous high rise hotels near the beaches offer a plethora of options for visitors.

Manoa-Makiki: A serene region on the northern side of Downtown Honolulu, Manoa-Makiki houses the National Memorial Cemetery of the Pacific in the Punchbowl crater. Manoa is also home to the University of Hawaii. Those who love nature are bound to fall in love with the tropical scenery of Koolau Mountains.

Downtown: The city’s downtown area takes visitors to its rich history. This is an ideal place to escape from the crowd of the city and be at other beautiful beaches of city. Home to the state capitol, Downtown has various popular museums, commercial center and the harborfront. The Ala Moana Park is perfect for families to go picnicking under the shady tress and on beautiful natural green carpets of grass.

Western Honolulu: The military memorials of Pearl Harbor and the Bishop Museum are the best places to visit in Western Honolulu.

Eastern Honolulu: Makapu’u Point in Eastern Honolulu is known for scenic beaches and rocky shorelines. The place is also home to Hanauma Bay that pulls of many snorkeling enthusiasts.

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